Tuesday 26 December 2023

DIY 22P cable preparation

Usually found on e-bay named 22 Pin OBD1 to 16Pin OBD2 or something alike. 


Depending on vendors , internal wire count and color will vary so no definitive color code is to be shared. You need to find out which pin out your own cable uses.

Here are the tools of the trade today


First of all please draw the diagnosis box Pinout , found in toyobd1 glossary dialog on a paper sheet. this will be very useful when you will be testing continuity and when you will be soldering to the OBD1READ at a later time.


 Here are the steps needed before finding out the cable pin out

  • buy a cable
  • chop off the OBD2 end with heavy duty scissors. use tweezers to make a cleaner cut on the individual wires.
  • using the tweezers or specialized sleeve cuter remove external sleeve from the black cable ,about 1.5" of it
  • using the wire stripper, strip all individual wires 

Using a multimeter or anything capable to test wire continuity you will find out which are the wire of interest.

Write down the cable pin out as you find it on your paper sheet

After the elimination process is complete, simply chop off unused wires.


At that point the cable is ready for being soldered onto an OBD1READ board.

The soldering to an OBD1READ board will be documented at a later time.

Wednesday 14 October 2020

A few engines & transmissions weight

1992-93 1UZ-FE 501 lb 

includes all sc400 accessories & M/T flywheel


ST185 3S-GTE 347 lb

includes alternator,distributor,16 lb flywheel, 3s-ge intake, HX35 turbo system

2GR-FE complete powertrain 538 lb

includes everything but axles and air filter box.

E53 116 lb

FWD 1992-1993 M/T

E150F 208 lb

transfer case appears to add 92 lb ūüėĪ

W59 110 lb

includes 1UZ-FE bellhousing & adapter plates


Sunday 27 September 2020

getting OBDII to work on late 90s JDM toyota ECUs

 Some JDM toyota ecus are ISO14230-4(5 baud init) compliant

This protocol is poorly supported by most OBD2 android applications yet but some do support it well.

To make it worst not all BT obd2 dongles out there support this protocol either.

I was able to prove this configuration personally on 2 non obd1 JDM ECUs already

ST215 3S-GTE A/T (89661-21330)

ZZT231 2ZZ-GE M/T(89666-20060)

you might need to make an obd2 port in cases of an engine swap

In the celica case (zzt231) the north american equipped obd2 port was OK as found.the north american 2ZZ-GE used a different obd2 protocol but relied on the exact same wiring diagram so no work was needed.

first of all the obd2 port pinout must be like this.

SIL comes from the engine ECU matching pin. this will be case specific.

pin 4 and 5 are grounds (which may need to reach ECU grounds in case you get issues) 

B+ is 12v power for the tool connected on the obd2 port, I suggest not powering this at all time to avoid battery drain

an ELM327 BT dongle was used, it was a BAFX PRODUCTS OBDII Diagnostic interface. other elm327 dongles will work with varying level of success. if you already own some different models I suggest you try them out before buying the BAFX .

Car Gauge Lite

This app is definitely not my favorite but proved to work through out the tests!

first of all you need to pair your OBDII device in the android bluetooth settings dialog before starting the new app.

Here is the car gauge lite main screen.  

beware, this lite version is ridden with ads to a point that makes it extremely annoying and hard to conduct any serious work. A paid ad free version is available. I suggest you get the Lite version working before going for it.



In the application preferences you will need to check a very specific option for this to work at all.

after this,with the elm327 pluged into the car and key ON or engine running you will be able to bluetooth connect to it.


there will be 4 dialogs asking for selections to be made, keep in mind that my OBD2 bluetooth MAC address wont be the same as yours. you will have to look it up in the android bluetooth settings dialog and remember it.

At this point you are connected to the ECU !

like all modern OBDII android app you will have to spend endless time building your very personalized dashboard including the fields you care for.


Sunday 5 January 2020

mon AE86 jusqu'a present


Voici en r√©sume mon aventure jusqu’√† pr√©sent...

17 ans d'entreposage

La voiture a été acheter au printemps 2019 de son 2e propriétaire après un entreposage de 17-19 ans.
les freins et l'alternateur √©taient saisis, la voiture huil√©e pr√©ventivement a l’extr√™me, pas de batterie, jamais vu le moteur fonctionner. tout semblais prometteur.

Retour a la vie active

En d√©but Juin la voiture toujours non fonctionnelle a √©t√© sortie de son repos et remorqu√© depuis la malbaie jusqu’√† la rive-sud de Qu√©bec sur une distance d environ 190km.

pneus parfaitement peu usés ,conservés dans des sacs durant tout l'entreposage

une fois arrivé a destination le tune-up a immédiatement commencer aillant comme objectif au jour 1 de voir le moteur fonctionner.

Apres avoir mis une batterie neuve, flusher le vieux carburant pour du nouveau, changer le filtreur a essence. le premier demmarage a eu lieu assez naturellement au premier essai. 

L'engine bay etait parfaitement huiler pour contrer la rouille

Le vieux gas a ete utile pour enlever le huilage

L'alternateur, pompe a eau, timing belt absents
le tube de recirculation du liquide de refroidissement a défoncer lors du travail sur l'alternateur,reconstruit a main levée

pompe a eau changée

étriers remanufacturés et lignes flexibles de performance neuves aux 4 coins

Seule une ligne hydraulique a du être refaite, celle sur l'essieu arrière,toute lesautres étaient protégées dans l'antirouille

les amortisseurs arrières ont été changés du a la facilitée de la tache et le cout de reviens très bas
La voiture a rester en travaux du 7 au 21 juin ou elle était suffisamment fonctionnelle pour commencer la saison.

Enfin fonctionnelle!

voyage inaugural

la voiture a tenu le coup après les premiers 150km :)

Reparations au fil du temps

un total de 7500km pendant un peu plus de 2 mois ont été parcourus en 2019 avec la voiture, quelques repartions ont étés nécessaires, étancher des fuites de liquide de refroidissement, réparer des bouts du système d'échappement.
éclairage au LED a jour

tube de pompe a eau qui coulais

nouveau silencieux relativement d'origine