Sunday 6 September 2015

JVF 2010-A :: Replacing the power supply

Every good thing ends... or should it?

So my JVF 2010-A power supply gave up on me, the panel would not power up and after testing it showed no voltage at the power supply output. It was at least 25 years old.Thing is, those genuine power supplies are hard to source and they cost a lot. Through reading the datasheet of the old power supply and online searching I was able to find a suitable replacement on e-bay! Here is the result and the work involved to fix your JVF 2010-A power supply if it should fail.
The opened panel after the power supply has been replaced

The requirement from the old power supply was 120AC input ,75W power, 5V DC output with 15 amps.
that was surprisingly easy to find and at an affordable price :S !! here is the e-bay link
75W 5V 15a Small Volume Single Output Switching power supply for LED Strip light

the major difference is with size of both power supplies

the old power supply sits on front with the new one installed already
the wires between the new power supply and the main switch must be lengthened, 18ga wire were used.
There is only 2 space for each 5V and Ground connection , the pannel sports 3 5v wires and 3 ground wires, you need to twist some together to make it work

height wise the new power supply occupies the same space, but the fastener location differ, in the end the panel closes corrrectly with this new one in place.