Sunday 24 December 2017

TOYOCOM :: playing with contact pins in the DIAGNOSIS box

With the TOYOCOM & TOYOFAN tools it is now possible to do more than before with the OBD1READ. This takes advantage of what the DIAGNOSIS box offers by default and allows the user to expand the inputs using empty spaces when availalbe.

Sometimes, depending on engines and wiring harness variants some mandatory wires have been omitted from the wiring harness and require to be added so the TOYOCOM tool can be used at it's fullest. This can be accomplished with simple tools without removing the wiring harness from the car.

Getting contact pins, 2 ways to do it

  1. cut off a spare diagnosis box at the junkyard and reuse it's contact pins.
  2. use brand new contacts that you will crimp and solder to new wires.


I will only describe how to work with new contact pins in this post, the theory on how to pull contact pins from a diagnosis box is described in the later steps. 

You can buy suitable contact pins online from Digikey. A123029CT-ND on digikey

The tools and parts I used.

Getting the contact pin on the wire

Soldering is used to compensate for the loose the crimp tool may leave. 

Getting the new contact pin into the diagnosis box

Hold the diagnosis box so you can read 'DIAGNOSIS' (not upside down.)
 Be careful so the contact pin 'wings' are facing up

You will hear this sound when the contact pin locks right.

Pulling out contact pins from the diagnosis box (applies to BLACK and GREY boxes)

Position the diagnosis box facing you and so the cover sits at your right
 Using the precision flat screw driver you will pry the lock teeth toward you.
 While you are holding the lock teeth with the screw driver you will use another hand to pull the wire from beneath until it is totally out of the box.

Closing the clam shell in the end.