Friday 10 October 2014

TOYOBD1 Android Datalogger :: How to install the OBD1READ

Today I will show you how to install your OBD1READ unit to a compatible car.

First lets take a look at your package content.

1 OBD1READ device ready for installation.
1  user manual that explains how to install the device. 

This user manual explains what kind of problems you may encounter while installing and how to overcome them or where to get support if you cant handle them alone.

Sorry, blue is the only color available to choose from!!

Before doing anything you must know what must be connected for the system to work.

Quite easy! 4 wires need to be connected inside a diagnosis box in the engine bay.

1- B+ : this is the 12v power line. it will power OBD1READ when ignition key is on.
2- E1 : this is the power ground for OBD1READ, it is also the signal ground with the ecu. 
3- TE2 : this one activates the OBD1 data stream coming from the ecu.
4- VF1 : this is where the OBD1 data stream comes through.

Be aware that inverting B+ and VF1 can damage permanently the OBD1READ device. Dont invert them!

The safest way to hook them is to start with B+, then VF1, then TE2 ,then E1
*the green wires can be inverted together
Please take note that some luxury and sports car, LS400, mk4 supras, SC400 and Soarer will need a jumper to be placed in another diagnostic port under the dashboard. Details for those cars are available in the application glossary dialog.

Here are some of the diagnostic boxes shapes you may encounter in your engine bay.

The needed contacts should be already in the diagnostic box if your car is compatible.In the case of an engine swap with custom wiring, say Starlet 2E -> 4E-FTE you may need to add the missing wires and contacts in the diagnostic box to be compatible.

 Simply connect the 4 wires into the diagnostic boxes and make sure the OBD1READ device sits high in the engine bay (best for BT signal strength). Also take care to secure the device so that it does not fall off the car!!

At that point you are ready to power up the car and configure your cell phone and TOYOBD1.


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  3. Ask on FaceBook, search TOYOBD1 This a great tool and you will be happy you got it. Might also work on some Holden's aka Toyota branded Holden but need Holden drivers to help research what engine and ECU they have.

  4. Works great on my 1995 rev3 3sge MR2,,Thank you x a million for this tool

  5. Hi

    Do you still sell the TOYOBD1

    Thank you

  6. Saw this unit working today. Amazing!.
    However, I cant get it to pair with my HuaweiKii-L22 android phone to check my AE101 silvertop 20 valve.
    Tried all the stuff on the instruction sheet.
    On my friends phone, the O2 sensor showed rich and the temp. sensor showed wildly fluctuating readings.

  7. I would like to buy one of these scan tools. Could someone send me a link or message to buy one

  8. hey how's it going? my mom wants to restore our first family car, which is a 95 4Runner and I'm having a hard time getting rid of the check engine light. I would like to purchase the toyobd1 from you if that's possible. thanks in advance. please reply via email.

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  10. Hello to all! How to buy this miracle device? Author answer me please)