Monday 24 April 2017

Electric Power Steering conversion Phase 1

Today I'll share with you how I converted my power steering system to an electric power steering system on my AE102 corolla.

This is only a phase 1 as I want to implement variable PS assistance based on car speed. this would be covered in a second phase later on. This current system is in use on my daily driver since autumn 2016 and was used everyday in the canadian winter since then without failures.

Reasons for going on with this

  • totally disconnect the engine and PS system allowing for a more wild engine choice when space would not allow it otherwise, makes for easier future engine swaps. 
  • allows to turn off enterily the PS system for drag racing. giving an advantage vs regular driving. drops the rotating masses attached to the crankshaft and power losses.
  • allows you to enjoy a different steering sensitivity by the adjustment of a knob and find the spot where you feel best according to you particular car. allowing to take away the spongy steering feeling toyotas are know for.

Parts needed.

  • MR2 turbo electric PS pump motor and it's immediate hydraulic fittings.
  • custom bracket to hold the PS pump motor to the car.
  • PS fluid reservoir and low pressure hoses to reach PS pump motor
  • Hydraulic hose to join the PS pump motor and the steering rack.
  • 80a adjustable DC Motor controller. 
  • 80a fuse
  • 80a automotive relay 
  • 8ga wiring to reach car battery, fuse, relay and PS pump motor.
  • 18ga wiring to reach relay's coil and +b 
here is the DC motor controller I am using since last autum without issues. comes with it's tuning knob
e-bay 2000W PWM Motor Speed Control


Electrical wiring diagram.

no details are given on the PS pump motor wiring color yet

Pictures of the installation are yet to come when time allows.