Sunday 19 June 2016

TOYOBD1 Android Datalogger :: Jumper needed on most RWD I6 and V8 cars

Why does it need a jumper in the first place?

To output data, the ECU must be put in TEST MODE 2, this is done by jumping TE2 and E1. On most cars Toyota conveniently placed it in the engine bay diagnosis box, but decided to not place it on those cars. the OBD1READ internally jumps TE2 and E1 when connecting the tool,(the green wires on the bare unit).since the TE2 pin is missing in the diagnosis box it can't be jumped with the OBD1READ too. instead you must do it yourself at another (less but still convenient) place called the DLC2 connector. this one is in the cabin ,under the dashboard near the steering column, regardless of car being LHD or RHD. What needs to be done is place a short wire between TE2 and E1 to put the ECU in TEST MODE 2. 

Cars known to be affected by this Toyota design

  • JZA80 supra all of them
  • JZZ30 Soarers, all of them
  • JZX90 Chasers
  • JZX100 Chasers
  • Toyota Cressida (7M-GE)
  • Toyota Aristo
  • Lexus SC300 , SC400
  • Lexus LS400
  • Lexus GS300, GS400

TOYOBD1 Android Datalogger :: How to install the OBD1READ 22P

Today I will show you how to install your OBD1READ 22P unit to a compatible car.

First lets take a look at your package content.

1 OBD1READ 22P device ready for installation.
1  user manual that explains how to install the device. 

This user manual explains what kind of problems you may encounter while installing and how to overcome them or where to get support if you can't handle them alone.

Before doing anything you must know what must be connected for the system to work.

Please take note that some luxury and sports car, LS400, mk4 supras, SC400 and Soarer will need a jumper to be placed in another diagnostic port under the dashboard. Details for those cars are available in the application glossary dialog.

There are 2 types of engine bay diagnosis boxes you can find on supported cars. Installation is a simple matter of plugging the connector on the diagnosis box the right way, there is only one way to do it.

The 22 pins diagnosis box found on mid 90s and late cars

Always black the 22p diagnosis box was also used on OBD2 cars with a slightly different pin out.

The 17 pins diagnosis box found on early cars

Most of the time grey, part of the 22p connector will float in the air this is normal and it can go on only one way.

The needed contacts should be already in the diagnostic box if your car was compatible.In the case of an engine swap with custom wiring, you may need to add the missing wires and contacts in the diagnostic box to be compatible.
Here's a Lexus SC400  with an obd1read scanner tied to the strut tower brace. 

At that point you are ready to power up the car and configure your cell phone and TOYOBD1.