Monday 13 October 2014

TOYOBD1 Android Datalogger :: Custom Configuration of an engine

  ...Sometimes it may be necessary to make a custom engine configuration...

-You found a new supported engine!( contact me so the known list grows)
-You changed the injector size on your engine and want the MPG calculations to reflect those changes.

Heres the customizable fields and what they mean.


'Engine preset configurations' 

this is a list of engines known to work and that have built-in  configurations, you choose one similar to yours and then modify other fields as needed.


'metering system' 

this is what the ECU uses to measure the air flow in the engine. 
Here is how to know what to choose

VAF sensor ( V.ane F.low )

Not all VAF engines uses the same sensor curve AND housing size, but they all share the same layout and are easily recognized.

MAP sensor ( M.anifold P.ressure )

Working in pair with an I.ntake T.emperature Sensor this MAP sensor feeds the ecu with data on how to calculate engine flow at that particular moment. Not all toyota MAP sensors share the same voltage curve. there is two groups the Non turbo and turbo MAP sensors. even throughout the Turbo map sensor not all engines have the same exact voltage curve.

MAF sensor ( M.ass F.low )

This one is rare among OBD1 toyota but existant. The design is generally some sort of hot wire device that measure the speed of the air flowing through a conduit with a known area. this gives the ECU a cfm value to use for it's calculations...

All Other system 0-5V

This is all other measurement systems that have not yet been correctly quantified due to their rare usage on the OBD1 Toyotas .For instance here is picture the 1UZ-FE Kármán vortex air flow meter.
For those devices the [ 0.0 ,5.0 ]v raw signal is displayed.


'Throttle position sensor' 


This sensor has got 4 pins going into it.
it tells the ECU how much the accelerator pedal is depressed with enough precision to make it worthwile.

This sensor has got only 3 pins going into it.
That sensor type is not frequently used, mainly on low complexity ECUs. For instance ( MT 4E-FE,5E-FE,4E-FTE, early MT 3S-FE and early MT 5S-FE). that sensor can only tell if the throttle is at rest, at W.ide O.pen T.hrottle or somewhere in between. those ECUS dont seems to implement any tps based accel enrichment logics and switching to a stand alone ECU necessitate installing an analog TPS in it's place.


'Show Ox2 data'

Only V engines have a second oxygen sensor whose data is available. it does not apply to an inline engine.


'Instantaneous MPG calculation'

'number of injectors' this is the number of cylinders your engine have unless this is some sort of Central injector system when you would only have one :S

'size of injectors in CC' this is the capacity of flow of your injectors in CC/minute 

'number of injection events per 2 engine revolutions' it should always be 1.

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