Tuesday 26 December 2023

DIY 22P cable preparation

Usually found on e-bay named 22 Pin OBD1 to 16Pin OBD2 or something alike. 


Depending on vendors , internal wire count and color will vary so no definitive color code is to be shared. You need to find out which pin out your own cable uses.

Here are the tools of the trade today


First of all please draw the diagnosis box Pinout , found in toyobd1 glossary dialog on a paper sheet. this will be very useful when you will be testing continuity and when you will be soldering to the OBD1READ at a later time.


 Here are the steps needed before finding out the cable pin out

  • buy a cable
  • chop off the OBD2 end with heavy duty scissors. use tweezers to make a cleaner cut on the individual wires.
  • using the tweezers or specialized sleeve cuter remove external sleeve from the black cable ,about 1.5" of it
  • using the wire stripper, strip all individual wires 

Using a multimeter or anything capable to test wire continuity you will find out which are the wire of interest.

Write down the cable pin out as you find it on your paper sheet

After the elimination process is complete, simply chop off unused wires.


At that point the cable is ready for being soldered onto an OBD1READ board.

The soldering to an OBD1READ board will be documented at a later time.

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  1. Hello, is your OBD1readboard product available for sale? I have a 1kz-te engine and unable to get cel light to come on to start vehicle. I’m hoping your product can shed light on issue. Kind regards, Wil