Sunday 17 March 2019

TOYOCOM :: UNIVERSAL MODE how to monitor fuel trim

Getting fuel trim into toyobd1

All pre-obd2 diagnosis box have the VF(1) contact pin.
Depending on the ECU and production years some can output the obd1 data stream ,some will only give the fuel trim.

following the theory found here a toyocom sensor curve was written for it.

The fuel trim tells us how much the ECU believes the engine is out of tune, a near 0% is a perfect score.

Android app setup

With toyobd1 running and the bluetooth connection established with your toyocom.
Go to main menu /configuration / Display
in there check the VF1 checkbox
Go back to the main display, there you will find the new VF1 cell
in that cell you will find a button in it`s upper right corner. Press on it.
a dialog will appear for you to choose a sensor curve to use for VF1.
In there using the drop down menu select 'Toyota obd1 fuel trim'
then press the apply sensor curve button
the dialog will go away and the new senor curve will be applied on the VF1 display cell.

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